I was filing away some 12,000 emails that had piled up in my inbox over the past nine months and came across this one sent by a reader back in March:

I love your site. I have been visiting every day since I was in high school. You are great and I love what you do.

One thing that irritates me however, is the fact that you keep referring to the next iPhone as the iPhone 5. This is illogical for anyone who actually follows Apple in the way you or I do. The iPhone 4 was given this name because it was the 4th iPhone! The 4s was the next model and therefore the 5th. Following this logic the next iPhone will be the iPhone 6 because it is the 6th iPhone. There is no understandable reason why Apple would name their 6th model the iPhone 5. It is hard on readers for you to keep making this mistake.

1. iPhone
2. iPhone 3g
3. iPhone 3gs
4 iPhone 4
5 iPhone 4s
6. iPhone ?

It’s fine for the average joe to make this mistake. For a tech site, specifically one that tracks Apple, it is unacceptable.

I must fess up though…I did plenty of hedging in my writing, generally referring to the 2012 iPhone as "the next-generation iPhone". Credit does, however, go to Arn, who stood behind the "iPhone 5" name in the face of all of the "Apple would never do that" ridicule.
And now on to the iPhone 5S.

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