A Trust Issue

Davis MacMillan at Minyanville:

Apple Doesn’t Trust Owners of the New MacBook Pro

Well, Cupertino seems to have one-upped itself again with its latest MacBook. According to early reports, it’s the most difficult Apple computer to take apart yet.

Slashgear.com reports that initial attempts to take apart Apple’s new Retina MacBook Pro have yielded the lowest possible scores for user repair potential. The new computer is smaller than previous Apple devices, a factor that contributed to its inaccessibility.

Yes, it has everything to do with the fact that Apple doesn’t trust anyone inside their computers and nothing to do with the fact that its efforts at pushing the limits of technology to shrink its devices require making design decisions that make them extremely difficult to repair or upgrade.

97% of all statistics are fabricated, but I’ll wager that 99% of users have no interest in opening up their computers for any reason. But 100% of them will get to use a lighter, thinner, and more powerful MacBook Pro.

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