Welcome to Slivka’s Sidebar!

So, where to begin…

What is this?

To state the obvious, it’s my personal blog. But given the fact that so much of my life is focused on Apple and technology in general, I imagine it will become a repository of thoughts and perspectives on those topics, offering me an outlet apart from the news and rumors that are the hallmark of MacRumors.

Why now?

It’s CES week, and I hear that’s a big time for product announcements.

On a more serious note, now that I think about it, I’ve come to the realization that MacRumors has been a part of my life for over a decade. I first stumbled onto the site in mid-2001 when I was looking to pick up a new iBook and wanted to make sure a new release wasn’t right around the corner. I became a regular reader of the site, but it took until January 2005 and the release of the first iPod shuffle before I was spurred to register for the forums and begin posting.

15,000 posts later and after having been asked to be a moderator and later administrator for the forums, the stars began to align as Arn was looking to hire the site’s first employee at the same time I was looking for my next adventure. It was late 2008, and I’d been informally writing a few articles for MacRumors for six months or so in my spare time, and so it was a natural transition for me to step into a full-time role as 2009 came around.

It’s now three years that I’ve been at MacRumors full-time, and I’ve finally decided that it’s time for a personal outlet. I’ve historically been a quiet contributor, writing articles for one of the most prominent Apple-focused sites on the web but not really putting myself out there. Sure, I’ve made plenty of friends and contacts and built up a network of people who share information and with whom I engage in discussions, but my public contributions beyond MacRumors have been relatively few and far between.

MacRumors has a distinctive style and perspective on how we report information, one that has served us well with our readership but which does not leave room for a lot of editorial and speculative commentary from our staff. From time to time I’ve had thoughts and opinions that I would have liked to have shared with others, but I didn’t really have a good place to put them out there.

Hence this blog. I’ve noted that I expect it to be primarily focused on Apple and broader tech topics, but it remains to be seen how it will evolve over time. Here’s hoping that people who stop by find something of value once in a while, something a little different from what you find in my main outlet at MacRumors.